When first seeing the words smart homes I automatically think of HGTV Smart Home Sweepstakes. This is a house that HGTV makes and people enter to win. It has the latest and greatest technology. That is pretty much the basis of what I knew about Smart Homes, so I decided to learn more about what this technology really is. According to CNBC news a smart home is “A home that is equipped with network-connected products for controlling, automating and optimizing functions.”  It is technology that controls lighting, door locks, entertainment, etc. through a phone, tablet, computer, etc. This article also mentions that 1 in 4 people have some sort of smart home technology in their house. With this trend starting to increase, as many realtors say that smart home features are selling features many home buyers are looking for, I am interested to see how this is affecting factors such as privacy.

Privacy can have many different factors to it. For example, when thinking of home privacy I think of protection of your valuables and yourself. Another factor that now needs to be thought of includes privacy of our data. Now information for when you turn on and off lights, what tv show you watch, etc., is all available. It is not that this information is necessarily bad to share but it isn’t something that you would want others to know. On another note if someone were to access information that you aren’t home, this could lead to someone robbing your house. Also if your system was to malfunction and a door didn’t lock this could also lead to robbery as well. According to a Forbes article, Amazon offers “in-home food delivery straight to your fridge.” This is another concern about the security and privacy one has. If someone is entering your house to put groceries in your refrigerator, they have access to your house as well. It is interesting that society is seeming to put more trust into people, while also giving others more access to information about themselves.

A last note about smart homes is that I wonder how people feel from this technology. It may seem like a good idea to be able to turn off a stove or lights while you are not home, but then you are putting your trust into technology. For me personally I would want to double check to make sure everything was actually done. Every night I would want to check to make sure the stove was turned off and that the doors were all locked. Overall this whole idea makes me wonder about why we put so much trust into technology that affects something so near and dear to us.



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