The word creepy can mean something different for each person. To me creepy means knowing too much information about something that doesn’t involve yourself that would make someone else feel uncomfortable. After reading “Why Snapchat is Already Giving Up on Not Being ‘Creepy‘,” my definition of creepy seemed to be correct in the sense of their company. I first thought about what specifically makes an ad creepy. To me it is the underlying reason why it is in our feeds. The way Snapchat uses our information to pick a certain ad is creepy. Now that I think about it, every ad is written and chosen to be put in front of a specific group of people. On tv, advertisements on Disney Channel are directed at children, while ads on during a sport game are directed at males. There is always a purpose for an ad. I guess what makes it creepy is when our personal information is used to directly personalize that ad, rather than it being directed towards a general focus. After reading about the changes that Snapchat was doing with our information to make advertisements, a little alarm when off. This was an alarm of concern but also questions. Why does snapchat need my email address to target specific ads at me? Is this advertising effective? On another note, one of the things Snapchat is going to do is let “advertisers target ads to user similar to those who have previously engaged with the brand.” I have personally clicked on something I was not interested in or clicked on something by accident that I definitely didn’t want to be associated with, but then ads kept showing up. This lead me to my next train of thought about who has access to the ads we see. This could be come a new way for people to learn information about a person. Could a company that is hiring have access to this? Would they view an application in a more judgmental way based on their ads?

After reading the changes that snapchat is going to do, this makes me think that the article’s title is true. Snapchat is being more “creepy” and unfortunately it seems as though its motives for this “creepiness” aren’t so good. Based on the article, Snapchat is projected to make over 1.7 billion dollars this year. This is all due to its new ways to gather our information and provide it to advertisers. To me this is creepy. It also creepy that others have the ability to use ads as almost propaganda. If something in our information comes up that says we most likely think a certain way, a company could direct advertisements to try to change the way we think.

On another note, this article relates to the articles we read about Google changing its modo “Don’t Be Evil.” Both companies want to portray this idea that they are just doing what is best for us. They are ‘helping us’ by showing us things we want to see. They want us to think they are doing it ethically, but I’m not so sure that is happening. Advertising will also be something that questions me: its purpose, its goal, its gathering of information, etc.


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