The words “Terms and Conditions” affect almost every person’s life. After clicking accept to this we assume that the website will give us services. Also, after seeing a word that has “anony” we assume our data will be kept anonymous. After watching a video¬†Data Anonymization, I learned that even with our information not pertaining particularly to us there are also some ways in which hackers can work around it. The video brought up an example with taxi cabs. A software engineer, Vijay Pandurangan, was easily able to figure out a lot of information about the person who was driving the taxi cab and who was riding in it. Towards the end of the video it wrote “matching anonymized data with other data and photographs that were publicly available revealed the personal and intimate details of people who were using the service.” This is extremely scary. I never really thought of general things about me that can be seen in pictures could help to identify me. On another note, it scares me to think that we can’t really be anonymous. There are always ways for people to figure out who did what. But, if this is true, then how come the police can’t always figure out their case. Overall this video made me think a lot about how I use technology and ways in which I can put the least amount of information out there to protect myself a little more.

After watching that video, I looked into the guide about “How to Control Your Data on Chrome,“as I want to make sure my internet use is putting the least amount of information about me out there. The first thing this guide suggested was using incognito mode. This would clear your history of your browser, but it said that “trackers in the websites you visited can still collect data about you.” This is again scary as we can’t be anonymous online. There is aways a link between what you do online that could lead to someone pinpointing who you are. On another note it does mention that one can change their settings to have more privacy, but this can limit one online. Some website may not work the same way they would if they were tracking you. I believe sites do this so that they can get more information about you. It also makes me question the point of these settings, besides making the human race believe they have power that they don’t really have.

This idea of privacy on a computer made me wonder about privacy on my phone related to messages. Due to the fact that I have a mac and an i phone my messages are connected to my two main piece of technology I use.¬†After searching the Alternative Apps Centre, I found an app called ChatSecure. This app uses encryption to make messaging private. Even with their explanations of encrypted messages, I still wonder if this private app is really private. In the future I am going to look for ways to keep more information more quite and watch which websites’s terms and conditions I am accepting.


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